Compassion, ecstasy and radical selfacceptance beyond gender, 16. Februar, 14.00 – 17.30 Uhr

On 21. of december we had a magic wintersolstice ritual and we wanna go on with magic!
This sunday – event is for you, if you
– wanna be more compasionate with yourself,
– wanna feel grounded and present within yourself,
– wanna bring more magic in your life,
– want to bring bliss and ecstasy into your daily routine.

What to expect:
– A nice group of explorers that is as nervous and excited as you are,
– openhearted surrounding,
– different breathing and grounding techniques,
– some seeds for daily compassion routine
– One breath – and energy orgasm,
– fun and laughter.
– radical consent: you decide at every point where to participate,
– all feelings that might come up are welcome in the space, as long as you are willing to welcome them.

Who is invited?
This evening is for people who don´t feel comfortable in the binary of gender and other binarities.
People who are open to explore radical ecstasy within themself.

The evening will be held in (easily to understand) english, translation to german is possible, please let me know, if you need translation.

Weichselstr. 38, 12045 Berlin – Neukölln
Unfortunately the space is not free of barriers.

Price: First exercise of this journey: Pay from the heart
You first decide if you want to join, then you choose from your heart what to pay.
20-39€ minimum request
40-59€ might work well for you and be what you´re minimally able to contribute right now
60-80€ helps me to get closer to a sustainable revenue point and others to pay less
Take a few moments to both reflect on the reality of your financial situation and check with your heart what number feels right to pay.
Bring cake, pay less! and let me know about it.
! You decide what to pay, please don´t come back to me asking me, whether this is okay – thank you!

Having a hell yessssss?
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