Embodied consent in pandemic times – Playshop for queer hearts, Berlin September 19/20

Many people struggle to find any response, when asking themselves „What do I want, RIGHT NOW?“.
The answer might be even more difficult to find, when it comes to „How do I want to touch another person?“ or „How do I want to be touched?“
Quite often we reply „Oh go ahead, like you want“ and it turns out that everyone is kind of doing something and it feels kind of okay. And yes, we are also kind of used to that.

It is so not easy for all of us, to feel, acknowledge and express our wishes, our boundaries. And quite often, we feel bad when we express a boundary or a wish at all.

Due to Corona, touch and being close to people is seen as „high risk“ and it is not getting more easy to navigate boundaries and desires and finding ways of being physical in contact with other people.
Aaaaaand there is a huge longing for touch and being close(r) to other humans at this moment.
Does this sound familiar to you?
Do you see faces here?

Do you wanna feel more authentic in your body and getting more to the point? „Hell yes this is really, what I want!“
Do you finally wanna be with queer humans, in a real space, finding out, how relation far and close is possible?

In this workshop we will come closer to this with the help of the „Wheel of consent“. Maybe you heard about it, saw a video.
It is such a great tool to come closer to our desires in life, concerning touch, work, and just every section in life we could think of. Just go to „“, where you can learn more about the history behind and how „The wheel“ was developed.

·.· What to expect this weekend? ·.·

◦ Embodied exercises with focus on breathing and grounding

◦ Exercises with our energetic bodies, where we „feel“ each other and connect with our energetical bodies in long distance

◦ Exercises with others under Covid 19 reglements

◦ Space for any touch and in the same time touch is never a must

◦ Theoretical basics to get familiar with the „Wheel of consent“

◦ fun, laughter and big AHAs

Who is invited?
This playshop is for bodyworkers, who wanna get more clear in their work. It is for parents, partners, lovers, individuals of all sort, whose heart is bumping queer. Means you are trans*, nonbinary, homo, queer, an ally or just don´t fit into any binary box. You should be able to hold and regulate yourself when there might be a challenging situation.
When we work with consent and get conscious about it, we might face situations in our past where either we did not act in a consensual way or we recognize THAT indeed our boundaries got crossed.
If you already attended a „Wheel of consent“ workshop, you might get new Ahas and might be able to dig even deeper.
If you feel drawn to this weekend, but don´t know if your english will be good enough, there is a possibility to have translation in between and to ask back at any time.

Covid 19
We will take the actual pandemic situation serious, provide hand sanitizer and desinfection.
Corona protocol is to keep 1,5m distance when we are without masks. Wearing masks when getting into closer contact, unless other negotiation is made. Checking on safety 1:1.
The speed of the workshop will be slow, so there is always enough time to check in and take all precautions serious.
You are asked not to come when you feel sick or anyone close to you was tested positive 14 days before the playshop.

Saturday 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday 10.00 – 15.30
longer lunch brakes included

I choose the „Payment from the heart“. It sounds like sliding scale, but works different.
First Step: You decide, if you wanna participate at all.
Take three deep breaths, asking your heart „Hej sweetie, is this something we would love to attend?“
If the answer is „HELL YES“, then ask your heart what is possible for you to pay.
160€ Minimum
200€ is sustainable for me
240€ My long-term edge-of-sustainable revenue (not necessarily very profitable), means f.i. I would be able to pay running costs and get some security for the next 2 months. It also allows others to pay less.
You can also pay „in – Betweens“.
FOOD AND SHELTER: If you live in an economy, or are simply in a financial situation, where spending 160€ might mean you can’t afford food or keeping a roof over your head, you are invited with an open heart to choose an amount lower than the minimum. If this is your situation, I am serious about welcoming you.
However you and your heart decides is okay with my heart.

It will be close to Schlesisches Tor, Berlin – Kreuzberg. As soon as you signed up, you will get further information

Please sign up here:
Puma_Bettie Höflich is a queer non – binary bodyworker. They have been facilitated workshops for more than 20 years. When they do not facilitate, they help people who are really passionate about what they do in life and who lost their path (cuz of somatic symptons or other stagnations) to come back on track and be more authentic within themselves.
Barbara Carrellas and Betty Martin were quite important persons who influenced their work. They are „officially“ allowed to facilitate the „Wheel of consent“.

About the assistance:
Ayo Gry see more here: