Let´s talk, feel, care about white priviledge by heart

This is an invitation to talk, feel and care about white priviledge by heart.
Dear white ally!
The „All black lives matter“ – wave is everywhere at least in my social media timelines.
The topic of racism – antiracism has accompagnied me for some decades, but the interest to deal with it was never that high as now.
There are so many reasons to put white privilegde on your agenda and you might find even more for not doing it.
What I recognized, talking is great, but I wanna dive deeper.
What holds us back from diving into a world with more justice for everyone?
YES, white priviledge!
I want to offer a circle in which we pay attention and share from the heart. We will do grounding, breathing. We will face feelings like shame and guilt, with the hope to transform those.
Are you up for this journey? Are you up for facing sides in you, you probably never wanted to face at all or not anymore?
This might be a journey with seats, that are not that comfortable, you might be hurt, feel desperated, hopeless…, but maybe you find new allies, that wanna walk with you, get ideas how to deal with whiteness in your spaces, having the experience you are not alone, others care the way you do…?

Wanna sign up?
Need to know first when the journey is running?
We will start 18.6. getting to know each other 7 – 9 pm (all berlin time)
19.6. facing shame 7 – 10 pm
26.6. facing grief 7-10 pm
02.07. 7- 10 pm closing, how to go on
In every session we will do heart based exercises to connect within your heart and the group heart.
The idea is sharing from the heart as the mind seems to know so much (and this does make things not easier)
This is a goup for white people, it will not be bigger than 12 persons, all gender welcome.

Payment from the heart, please take some time for this:
First of all decide, do you want to participate? Your answer is:
Hell yes!!!
So take some deep breaths and ask your heart: Hej love, what are we able to pay for this?
60€ Minimum (15€ per evening)
80€ (20€ per evening) will help me to break even and get some back for the work I do.
120€ (30€ per evening) helps me to get closer to a sustainable revenue point and others to pay less.
Please take a few moments to both reflect on the reality of your financial situation and check with your heart what number feels right to pay, you can also pay in – betweens.
If you cannot pay the Minimum, as then you can´t pay food and shelter anymore, please come back to me.
Half of the money goes to KOP (Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt – campaign for victims of racist police brutality).

Who is this for?
This is for you, if you deal already with the topics of racism – antiracism, white priviledge and want to bring your challenges in there on an emotional level.
You can hold yourself in a moment of intense feelings.
You can commit to the whole thing, means every date.
This is not about, competing who is the better ally, nor about judging others. This is also not an antiracist training. If you are looking for this I am happy to help you finding the right trainer or ressource for you to walk this path.
English is not my first language, if there are only german speaking folks signing up, we will do it in german.
You are interested, but it´s not your cup of tea to do it in english, let me know.

Please sign up here:

Who am I?
I am Puma (Feuerherz – fireheart), a white, queer, non binary person, 50 years old. I have been an antiracist activist in diffrent layers for some decades. In all the years the wave, talking and naming racism was never that high as it is now. I believe, to really change, it is necessary to talk about white Priviledge, to face uncomfortable feelings among whites, so we can be allies.
I give workshops in the area of kink, breath, consent, sexmagic for many years. I teach Qigong and give individual sessions for people who wanna fly and feel more ease within themselves.

For more questions about me, don´t hesitate to come back to me.