1:1 sessions for trans*, nonbinaries, women and all sorts of genderqueer people

Would you like to immerse yourself in play with intense sensations, ecstasy and devotion?

Tired of not being touched at all or just in a way that makes it feel, well, okay (better than nothing?!?)?

Do you find it difficult to find out what YOU want, while at the same time being concerned about what others might want and trying to please them?

Has it become difficult to connect in your (romantic) relationship and do you want to reconnect with each other?

Have you tried a lot, experimented with different therapies and/or forms of bodywork, and still ended up in old structures from which there seems to be no escape?

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Do they resonate with where you are now? Do you feel a tingling in your body or even some tension? This could be a sign that it feels familiar to your body, but not to your mind.

There are moments and conditions in life in which it takes a clear encounter between two people to become (more) healed. A session with me is ONLY about you!
Depending on which session you choose, you can experience deep relaxation, gain clarity, come home to yourself, let go, be touched without giving back touch, experience the present moment, and dive into ecstatic, orgasmic spaces through focused breathing and touch.

The nature of my support is diverse.

  • Sometimes it looks like talk therapy, with a focus on the breath and the sensations in the body.
  • I work with the power of imagination and various somatic methods because the body knows. We store many experiences in the body.
  • I explicitly welcome all feelings, especially shame and guilt, that often keep us from living our full potential.
  • No two sessions are the same for me because I work in a process-oriented manner and meet people where they are NOW.
  • My sessions are characterized by humor, laughter (also a life force) and absolute presence.
  • My unique coaching style is diverse and trauma sensitive. It is influenced by decades of experience in conscious sexuality and radical presence. I’ve been told “There’s just no way to evade it” because I unabashedly keep my finger on the topic.
  • I work from a white, queer, non-binary perspective and have years of experience living polyamorously.
  • White privilege/white supremacy is omnipresent. I am also part of it and I am constantly exchanging and educating myself on the somatic level with other white people.


Your body is your temple
Your body leads you to your feelings
Your feelings lead you to your heart
Your heart leads you to your soul!

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