Fire Session

This is a 1:1 session of a special kind.

Fire inherently holds a huge potential of transformation. With the help of fire, I will accompany you into ecstatic spaces and frontiers. Themes that do not want to change can be set in motion by a fire ritual. The fire will play with your body without burning it.

With flaming torches, which are also used in fire breathing, heat is spread over your body at a consensual distance and your energy is ignited in the process. Light short touches of fire can be part of the session. These feel warm to very intense without burning the skin.

A fire session can bring you into deep ecstatic relaxation as your thoughts inevitably take a break.

If you wish, I will guide you through a breathing and energy orgasm at the end of the session.

Of course, this is preceded by an extensive preliminary conversation. Everything happening has been negotiated in the forehand. You are in charge all the time. Everything will take place according to the principles of safety, consent and risk-awareness (which can absolutely be part of the excitement).

Since there is a lot of flow in this ritual of touch, a longer aftercare is part of the ritual.

Cost: 100 – 120€/hour, according to self-assessment

Duration: at least 2 hours

What others said about this experience:
“I never felt so relaxed in a long time”
” I felt very much held by you, your kindness and love, yeah, sounds weird, but there was so much love and caring!”
“It took me some time to make this appointment with you, I was very scared about what might happen here. So glad I did it. I can feel that there is a change happening within me, and I was searching so long for this!”

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