Session: Bossy Massage oder ‘How would you like to be touched?’

  • Do you find it difficult to figure out how you want to be touched, to acknowledge your desire and, finally, to communicate it?
  • Do you know exactly how you want to be touched, but you don’t dare share it out of shame or other reasons?

In this session you get to decide and dictate!
You are the boss of your lust and your desires.
I accompany you. I’m there, with my limits. Everything is possible, nothing is compulsory.
It can be deeply touching and empowering to express a wish and to hear a “yes, sure” in response. And then to be touched EXACTLY the way you wanted.
It can be very empowering to express a wish, to hear a “No, I can’t imagine doing so.” Then a short pause…you feel into yourself: What other desires come up? You express that and there comes a “yes, sure”.
The latter means that you dare to take your own wishes seriously, value them and express them. Your desires, your wishes are fully under your control. The experience of receiving a “no” without a feeling of doom and, instead, perceiving it quite naturally as a sign of the other person adhering to their own limits, is extremely liberating and requires practice!
The bossy massage takes place clothed.

Duration: at least 1.5 hours, including preliminary discussion
Cost: 100€ – 120€/hour according to self-assessment

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