Shining light on the shadow – an Urban Tantra Experience; May 1-3, Stockholm

Hello fellow human being!
Are you curious about what’s around the next corner in your life?
If you stop for a moment to take a deep breath, how are you doing right now? How are you using your energy? What if you could choose at any time, what You REALLY want to be and do?

We are inviting you to an open and safe arena to explore the personal process of making conscious choices. An alchemical space where time is slow enough to make choices based on radical consent possible. A process that is meant to be safe enough to make it possible to explore and to choose what you want, wish and dream about.

This process is for you if:
– you are longing for more connection, embodiment, honesty, pleasure and magic in your life.
– you are queer, non binary, trans and/or a person open and comfortable being with people not conforming with traditional binary gender norms.
– you realize that you are in charge of your life but you are open and looking for tools, people and values that could support your next steps.
– you have been on the path long enough to realize that there is no such thing as the way only your way.
– you have been through this process before and want more. Each retreat is unique. There are new exercises, rituals and people as well as some that you will recognize from before
– you have a ”hell yes” and some excitement at the same time.

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For Me, For You, For Both of Us: Pleasure and consent, May 27th, Berlin

I am thrilled, to be back at Other Nature in may!!! Again we will have lots of fun with pleasure and consent!!!

Consent might sound simple: yes means yes, and no means no, and that´s it!
But many of us struggle to express our desires, set our boundaries clearly, or find the language to create longed-for experiences and connections.
If the touch you give was just for you, how would your touch look like? If your desire/pleasure was just for you? How would it look like? Take some time to digest those questions.
We are so much focused to please others that we hardly think of ourselves and what we want in every moment.
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