Wheel of consent® workshop for LGBTIQA+ and friends, february 16 – 18, 2024, Berlin – Kreuzberg

The art of receiving & giving – a queercentered and straight – friendly embodied consent workshop based on the wheel of consent®, february 16 – 18, 2024

Wenn Du Dir unsicher bist, ob Dein Englisch ausreichend für diesen Workshop ist, kontaktiere mich gerne!

Why is it so hard to ask for what we want?
What gets in our way?
How can we learn to know what we want, trust in our own desires, and communicate that to others?
And this can be even harder for people who are facing minority stress.

Join me for a weekend guided practice laboratory in a queer environment to learn skills from the Wheel of Consent®.
The Wheel of Consent® is a practise, based on the idea of consent as an agreement between people, with a clear understanding who is doing and who it is for. This practice allows us a much deeper engagement with understanding our own wants and desires and our boundaries and limits.
This workshop is about:
• Making choices – learning how to choose for yourself
• Waking up sensuality – feeling and following own wantings
• Understanding the dynamics of giving and receiving and taking them apart
• Understanding who is doing and who it is for – because they are different
• Gaining skills of empowerment and communication – noticing, valuing, and trusting desires, having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive and/or saying no or yes.

At the end of this weekend, you will:
• Have a deeper understanding of how to know and to feel it in your body what it is you want
• Be able to trust and value your desires
• Better know in your body your authentic “yeses” and “nos”
• Have some tools to communicate your wants and your limits to others
• experience how much fun it is to navigate fullhearted with others

This workshop is for people, who

• think of themselves, they can easily say Yes and No
• think of themselves, they hardly can feel and express a true Yes and No
• who work as professional “touchers”
• want to create more ease in their life and with others

It is for
• individuals
• couples of all sorts. Please attend to your touch agreements with your partner beforehand.
• queers, trans and genderqueer folks
• straight and cisfolks who question binaries in general and who see themselves as allies

No prior experience necessary. For those who have been exposed to the „Wheel“, and those who haven’t, there are always new levels of awareness to be found.

This might sound like a workshop about touch, actually it is about choosing. You can attend even though you know already you do not wanna touch anyone at all, and this might change or not.

Ready to join?
Location: Berlin Kreuzberg
Dates and times:: February 16 – 18 2024
Friday 18.00 – 20.30
Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 (lunch break from 13:00 – 15:00)
Sunday 10.00 – 16.30 (lunch break from 12:30 – 14:00)
Please register here

This is the first exercise of the course: The „Payment from the heart“. It sounds like sliding scale, but works different.
First step: You decide, if you wanna participate at all.
Take three deep breaths, asking your heart „Hej sweetie, is this something we would love to attend?“
If the answer is „HELL YES“, then ask your heart what is possible for you to pay.
190€ Minimum for you
270€ is sustainable for me
290€ My long-term edge-of-sustainable revenue (not necessarily very profitable), means f.i. I would be able to pay running costs and having some money on the side for the times I am sick and not able to work. It also allows me to be more generous with the „Food and shelter“ rate.
You can also pay „in – betweens“.
FOOD AND SHELTER: If you live in an economy, or are simply in a financial situation, where spending 190€ might mean you can’t afford food or keeping a roof over your head, you are invited with an open heart to choose an amount lower than the minimum. If this is your situation, I am serious about welcoming you.
However you and your heart decides is okay with my heart.

Language: English/German as needed

COVID-19/Health Policy:

If you feel sick, please stay at home. If this happens last minute.
I ask you to test youself before each day of the workshop. Masks are not mandatory and welcome if needed.

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